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Labile Love?

Hate & Love are strong word as well
Love. What do you think when it cross in your mind?
Is it sin? Is it pure? Is it real? Or is it just a word? Well in my thought love is a strong word, like you want to have a commitment with something or someone maybe. But you know it was so easy to say that word. Just 4 alphabet and you can say it in one syllabel. Love.

So what do you feel when someone say "i love you" to you?
There are many feelings, it depend who said it to you, right?
If you dont like them you just feel guilty.
If you like them but not sure yet you become confuse, it will feel the same when you already had someone else in your side lol.
If you love them too then you just feel like you flying to heaven (re: happy) and never go down then you just broke up because you flying and they still in the earth, kidding :p

Well well. I just want to write some other thing about relationship. I'm not the expert, i already be a single for a long time, so... Okay lets we start.

Do you know "Hot and Cold" song? It just a story of labile person. One day they like you, another day they just hate you for no reason. Anyway there are many person like this, especially in 15-20 age. My friend just became confusion because his girlfriend just made a distance between him and it already happened for a couple weeks. So i just said that maybe his girlfriend was bored. And he said this "no she just came when she need me".

Then i want to tell you all. Girl who loves someone will ever get bored, but what is the different? If there is love on her heart, she will try to fix it (many ways of this stuff, it depend with her personality). Trying to find something interesting and get more excited. But if no love in her heart, she will just let it go, do nothing, and find someone else.

The girl who loves you, will find you whenever she want. Always curious what you do today. Have you eat something. Who is acompany your day, and etc. Well maybe not all of the time, but it will be no more than 1 weeks to be silent, right? Love is about caring, giving, acception, liking, and tolerance. So i will said if she just came when she need you and rare in your side when you need her (not exactly in physical, it can be by phone or else, but she's there for you) then it wasn't love. Maybe they comfort to you, they like to chat with you, told you stupid story, like to laugh together, when she bored and need it then they will be silent for weeks or months. Just like that. If you have this type of girl or boy then my suggestion is leave them, before they leave you :')

Cause your hot then your cold. Your yes then your no. Your in then your out. Your up and your down. -Katy Perry

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