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Hyper-V External Network Settings

Source: Cloudwards
Hi, do you have problem to connect you Internet to Hyper-V?
Yes, i've also felt it. It makes me crazy, because i use Hyper-V for working and sometimes i asked technical to remote (meanwhile i can working on another thing), thats why i really need internet connection. But now, i've figure it out! I'll help you to setting your Network Connection on Hyper-V.

Follow these step:

Create Virtual Switch
1. Open Hyper-V Manager

2. Click on Virtual Switch Manager

3. Click on New Virtual Network Switch
4. Select External
5. Click Create Virtual Switch
6. Fill these field:
  • Name: Name for the Virtual Switch
  • External Network: Please select according to network adapter that you are using. If you use Wifi then select the Wireless Adapter Device, if you use Ethernet then select the Ethernet Device.
  • Tick Allow management operating system to share this network adapter
7. Click Apply
8. Click OK

Assign the Virtual Switch to Virtual Machines
9. Select the Virtual Machines that will be assigned

10. Click Settings
11. Click on Network Adapter on Hardware Group
12. Select you Virtual Switch
13. Click Apply
14. Click OK


Oh wait, you still have limited internet connection when you connect to the Virtual Machines?
Maybe your internet using Static IP then you have to set Static IP too on you Virtual Machines, give the same IP as the IP on your Internet Connection.

Hopefully this can be help. Share on the Comment if you have another way or even problem, thanks for reading :)

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