Stranger & Omegle

April 03, 2014

What is stranger?
  1. One who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.
  2. A foreigner, newcomer, or outsider.
  3. One who is unaccustomed to or unacquainted with something specified
  4. A visitor or guest.
  5. Law One that is neither privy nor party to a title, act, or contract.
  6.  any person whom one does not know
  7. a person who is new to a particular locality, from another region, town, etc
  8. a guest or visitor
  9. (foll by to) a person who is unfamiliar (with) or new (to) something
  10. (Law) law a person who is neither party nor privy to a transaction

Little bit sad

Wait is it change to be acquaintance when there is one person that you know each other? I think nope, it's not changing the stranger thing. Many people said that ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is a stranger with memories, not either romantic relationship or friend. Well from the definition of stranger, i'll pick one. It's a visitor or guest.

Hey Ri, What are you gonna share to us? 
Actually, i still don't know what i want to discuss here. When stranger word is come, i thought it's something about internet chat, Omegle. Maybe some story that i made with that website, hm.

What is Omegle? 
Oh gosh it's 2014 and you still don't know Omegle thing? It's a website that provide you to meet stranger in online chat. Looks interesting? Yes its really interesting when you want to have more friends. or doing something silly here. or learn to speak English. or have a boyfriend from the other foreign. or if you are a girl, you will read or heard all man said that you are so pretty, cute, beautiful, etc. or you can tell people in 'music interest' to sing for you, they will loved to do it. well but many people use this web to relieve they inappropriate behavior (if you know what i mean), so be careful!

Have story about it?
Hmmm what do you want the weird one or the good one? Hahaha. I knew this website when i was in high school. I did friend (no, not friend just have a great chat with stranger) and he come from Belgium. In that time, there was no cam chat, only the text. We discussed about many things, country, religion, school, hot news, etc. It was the only foreign people that had a nice purpose in Omegle that time hahaha. So we exchanged our msn id and liked to make some discussion everyday. Time goes by, we were busy and msn became 'not the popular' sosmed either, so i don't know where is he now. I don't even remember his name hahaha.
The second foreign people that i remembered he came from USA but he is Chinese and he lived with his girlfriend, we did some Skype chat and spoke in English too, so rare. Only for 3 days and i became bored, maybe he either i didn't know what to say more. I don't really want to share something in my mind with him.
After that 2 man, i didn't played it anymore because the 'inappropriate' man was so many. So tired to find someone who has a great mind to talk to. Sorry for Australian people, but i met a lot Australian man and most of them was so 'inappropriate', we exchanged Skype Id then they asked a weird thing to do (you know something like that hahaha) and i just blocked them. 
Well i played it again in this last month. I tried to use the 'cam chat' thing, it was so disgusting when you met many nasty man or even woman (oh my god). So i liked to hide my cam, when they good enough then i'll on it hehehe. In that time i met someone and we become friend until now. Friend? Hm i don't really think that we are friend hahaha. Maybe just two people that had a great chat. Cause he hided his cam and my cam didn't showed up either, so we decided to have Skype. A great one midnight Skype, it was about 4.5 hours (because he's Indonesian too) hahaha, many similarity but it made us not curious each other right? lol. It became so rare when you like each other and you even haven't meet them yet in the real life, but i don't really think that we like each other. Maybe we are just two people that have a bored time and single and need some attention. So we said that we liked each other, why? because you fill my time and we will find each other when we get bored, right? It was a greatest stranger chat that we might had this whole time in Omegle.

Well, What are you gonna say Ri?
I'm going to say that Stranger is like a guest or visitor, especially stranger on Omegle. You meet them when you get bored, you try to chat with them when you get bored, you miss them when you get bored too. So one day, we met, we talk, we make jokes, we laugh together, we do weird things in cam, we try to care for each other, but then still we are stranger. Come and go whatever and whenever we like, that is why we are stranger. Hi Stranger!

It is so cute right if you imagine about it. That's why its amazing

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