How to Delete Skype Chat History of a Particular Contact

Maret 16, 2014
Hi, whats up! Well this time i want to tell you how to delete chat history in Skype for a particular contact. Skype features only provide to delete your ALL message history, but maybe you want to delete some harsh thing from your conversation or you have a possessive boyfriend/girlfriend. Ah you already heard about Skype Message Cleaner? Well it helped for the old version of Skype but it didn't work in new version of Skype and only works in windows xp. So this is the way.
  • Open this URL.
  • Download that application. (you must have winzip or winrar to open it)
  • Extract the file and open the application.
User Interface
  • Click File - Open Database.
  • Find your main skype database. It'll be place in "C:\Users\'your windows name'\AppData\Roaming\Skype\'your skype id'". Select the 'main.db'. (if you aren't sure to delete the message yet, you can copy the db for backup and save it in the safe place)
  • If you can not find the AppData, you might hidden the folders. So you have to change your setting in 'Folder Options', just type it in search box. Then klik view - select 'Show hidden files, folders, or drives'.
Select Show hindden files, folders, or drives
  • The database will open in application. Click 'Browse Data' and Change the Table to be what ever you like to delete, if you want to delete message than change it to 'Messages', etc.
  • Click the Lup Picture to find the specify id, then click the name and 'Delete Record'.
Select and Delete Record
Voila, when you open your Skype you will not see the messages that had been deleted before! :)

But maybe if you want to delete ALL the messages. Just do this.
Open your skype > Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear History

How to delete History on your Ipad?
  • Open your Skype.
  • Click the 3 Stripes on above corner of the application.
  • Click your history.
  • Choose the conversation that you'll be delete (Just do this in your mind).
  • Click Edit on the right corner of the application.
  • Click the red button on the conversation that you'll be delete & click delete (or just swap it on the conversation).

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