Dropped Ipad Ussual Problem

November 01, 2013
Do you ever dropped your ipad? The screen of dropped ipad will had a risk that the screen will turn into black screen, red screen, blue screen, and another color screen. My ipad had turned into black screen when i woke up in the morning a few days ago, but i realized before i slept my ipad was fell. I got panic! Before i desperated and decided to go to service counter, i found some unussual solution in forum and it really worked for me and many people out there, or even you? :)

"How can I differentiate the indicator of black screen etc with broken screen?"

This is my analysis.
When you had broken screen or highlight, your screen will be black in a half or another size but not full as your screen size. But if you had black screen, your screen will be black or like had some photo effect with blue or red or green color effect and it will be the whole screen.

Black Screen
If you had broken screen, please send your ipad to apple store and it will little bit expensive.
But if you had black screen (especially after you dropped it), just following this step.
1. Put your ipad face in flat but soft surface (like springbed or thick carpet).
2. Spank your ipad back with your palm (in my case it worked after 15 spanks but it could be more or less).
3. Voila, your ipad screen's problem will be solve!

Recently, my ipad got dropped again. I tried to spank it but it wasn't get better. So, I just tried to "Reboot" it by pressed Power + Home button about 20 sec, until the apple comes out to the display. And it gets back to normal again.


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